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 Our vineyards

Deutschkreutz Estate

    Deutschkreutz is a small village in the heart of ,,Blaufränkischland”, near the Hungarian border

    Cru “Kart”: The gravelly terroir with good drainage - very similar to the terroir of the Médoc - the best soil for growing Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Cru “Goldberg”: On this clay-soil we have planted Shiraz. Thanks to the permanent exposure to the sun, the grapes reach optimum ripeness.


Frankenau Estate

    The Estate by the ,,Roman Amber Route”
    Fifty years ago, this territory - near the thermal spring Lutzmannsburg - was a flowering winegrowing region. In 1999 the Pfneisl family established a new cru on this great terroir


Sopron Estate

    Some years ago we bought land and vineyards in Hungary This winegrowing area Sopron is famous for fruity red wines and elegant sweet wines.


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The austrian way of winegrowing.
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